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Umu Igbo Unite Corporation is a non-profit organization and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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After successfully launching our 1st pitch competition in 2019, we entered 2020 with so many difficulties. In 2021, we recovered and gave away $10,000 to Kelechi Onyedebelu of GrabGrubGo, Uche Ojiaku of Isiagu Labs won the 2022 competition and left with $10,000. We plan to continue the trend in 2023. Umu Igbo Unite targets minority-owned small businesses and startup companies. In 2022, our focus was technology and Igbo culture, this year we are opening the competition to “companies mobilizing diaspora entrepreneurship for sustained impact on the continent”. We want the best of the best and so we present to you, the 2023 Startup Pitch Competition! The purpose of this Pitch Competition is to be able to provide an opportunity for Entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds, to access funds and resources that will hopefully impact the trajectory of their small business. One mission of Umu Igbo Unite is community development and entrepreneurship, which aims to enable Igbos in the diaspora secure economic self-reliance, parity and power. We hope to ultimately utilize the rich social capital of the Igbo community in the diaspora to build a network of individuals with a passion to see the transformation in their communities. Whether it’s in the diaspora or on the continent of Africa, UIU wants to create a platform for Igbos to make their ideas work. We recognize that a strong Igbo community benefits the black community in the United States and also benefits Nigeria.As an investor, you will be supporting a critical component within the foremost network of Igbo professionals in the diaspora. As UIU is a registered 501(c)(3), your charitable donation will be eligible for tax deductions. The appropriate tax documentation will be provided.
US$5,796.00 received toward our goal of US$20,000.00
We are big on stimulating community organization and advancement, with a better understanding of the impact of social change at the local level.With this in mind we approach social change in a holistic and integrated way; to be able to take an account of all systems which affects the individual as well as the community, to identify unmet material needs, poor service delivery, and inadequate resources, to promote the application of the rich variety of techniques available and to contribute to the improvement and further development of social policy. We do this through practical interventions that impact communities for now and for future generations. We're able to support our community and help those in need through your generous support. Consider donating to UIUCares Today!
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