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Umu Igbo Unite Corporation is a non-profit organization and is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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UIU Atlanta Chapter

Representing the Atlanta Area


As the premiere network of Igbo Americans that are proud of their heritage, our mission is to positively impact the diaspora, Nigeria and the continent of Africa. We are cultivating the next generation of rising Igbo Americans, and building the necessary bridges and networks that will ensure the preservation of the Igbo culture and the success of Igbo Americans for generations to come. With our chapter based in Georgia, we have a special interest in the Atlanta community. 

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Executive Board

Here are the chapter officers for UIU Atlanta.

Ama Nneka Annoh


Chinonso Onyeneho

Vice President 



Blessing Obasunyi





Chinelo Aniekwu

Community Service Chair

Kenechi Nezianya

Event Coordinator 

Ashley Nwasike

Event Coordinator 


Public Relations Officer 

Amamihe Nnodum

Public Relations Officer

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UIU Atlanta Gala: Our biggest and most important event of the year. Folks gathered in their finest clothing representing the Igbo culture and celebrating the successful year for the organization. Most importantly, the gala gave us an opportunity to raise funds for a good cause.

Memorial Day Picnic: Our memorial day picnic is another big event we have every year. Everyone is served food and drinks, and there is music to dance to. It is typically the official big event for non-members and a chance for us to show them why they should become members.

Bi-Weekly Igbo Classes:
We brought back Igbo classes, although on virtual bases. We include some of the lessons as part of our GBM conversations.


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  • Umu Igbo Unite (UIU) has served as a catalyst for the millennial and generation z population within the Nigerian American community. Through UIU I have cultivated purposeful friendships and met phenomenal individuals with captivating personalities. I admire that UIU is multifaceted in its efforts with community service, health promotion, education in cultural preservation, networking, and the like. The organization is my home away from home. .

    • Samantha DIKE
    • Atlanta, GA
  • Being a member of UIU has been a great experience. There’s something special about gathering with people who share my cultural background. My favorite event was the panelist of former soldiers speaking about the Biafran War. I enjoy learning about Igbo culture, history, and news. I wanted to join UIU because I get the opportunity to learn more while I fellowship and network with young professionals.

    • Obianuju Ukwuoma
    • Atlanta, GA
  • UIU has been a wonderful environment for me. The organization has improved my comfort with speaking and learning Igbo. It has also allowed me the opportunity to serve my community in Atlanta, the US, and Nigeria. It’s given me lifelong friends and mentorship opportunities. Most importantly, UIU has allowed me network with people from all across the diaspora.

    • Chisom Onyeuku
    • Atlanta, GA

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